Port freight forwarding

Professional port freight forwarding

Port freight forwarding is an important stage in delivery and tracking of cargo through the territory of Ukraine, provided by the team of “Interservice Ukraine”. Thanks to the established contacts with service companies (stevedoring, shipping and etc.) we guarantee the timely processing of all consignments, professional supervision of safety and impeccable shipping documentation on all terminals of sea ports in Odessa and Chernomorsk (Illichivsk).
Signing the contract on the port freight forwarding with “Interservice Ukraine”, you will get a number of advantages and, most importantly, freedom of worries that could be caused by the process of shipment organization. The “Interservice Ukraine” team of specialists professionally and efficiently provides clearance of commodity transport, shipping and inside port documentation, clearance documents from the ship and line agencies, as well as:
– gets permission, approval for placement of hazardous, bulky, fragile and other types of cargo in the ports of Ukraine;
– performs inspection operations, arranges weight control;
– If necessary organizes extra urgent storage (including the warehouses, refrigerated trucks at the port), consolidation / separation, stuffing / unloading, palletizing and transshipment of goods;
– controls cargo storage, shipping and acceptance from the terminals.

Trouble proof movement of the goods from the seller to the buyer

Minimize time which cargo stay in the port