Consulting services

Consulting in the sphere of foreign trade activities.

Any company engaged in trade in foreign markets may need to consult about foreign trade activities. It is not enough just to order the transportation of cargo when you work with foreign partners. In order to properly organize goods shipment, you should be well-versed in the customs legislation, as well as other regulations. The support of foreign trade activities will be useful for the beginners of this area. Using this service, you will be able to establish relations with foreign partners and to generate high-quality schemes of cooperation.

The process of goods export and import is associated not only with marketing and economic activities, but also with the knowledge of the law. For proper organization of foreign trade activities you must thoroughly understand and operate the legal framework of the state. Legal consultation and foreign trade support will allow you to avoid mistakes that can lead to significant financial costs. Our company experts will provide all necessary information on the documents arising in foreign trade, specifications of registration in the customs authorities and other government organizations. Manager specializing in foreign trade has not only specific knowledge, but also a wealth of experience, that significantly increases the efficiency of his actions.

Maintenance of the foreign trade activities

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